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Partial shapeshifter [♂/♀ at will]

M!A: can become a mermaid three times after he touches water

AIM: meji.meto.chan@aim.com
skype: live:meji-meto-chan

Please notify me if added, I tend not to receive requests rather often. Feel free to add! On AIM most often.

Contains 18+ stuff.
-Para, action, whatever.-
Roleplay only. Not claiming to be the real Meto and not in any way connected to Mejibray.

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Doll eyes and drums

For certain chosen ones he will be available for play on AIM. 

I’m sick of him. 

Eeeh… Funky? Did you try again now?

I keep trying all the time, it just won’t sign in. Only this particular account. I don’t know why. 

@redrum-ruki said: What’s the message?

Something funky is happening. Please give us a few minutes and try again.

My aim does not work? It won’t sign me in on the app, and when I try to log in on the online version, it immediately signs me out… 

My other two accounts logged in on the web version on mozilla and on chrome are working fine…. 

Help, anybody? 

Sorry :(

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Anonymous asked:
Okay. Just have to say, if that's how you are, then maybe it would be a smart idea to put a disclaimer on your blog that you will only talk to other RP characters and won't talk to any non-RP blogs. That way the non-RP people will just not follow you or try to be your friend in the first place. There are such things as people RPing as themselves or original characters though you know. Just good luck with that.

…. Get off my back anon, seriously?

I WILL roleplay with original characters. I do roleplay with original characters already. I’ve never said I would not. Learn to fucking read.

People roleplaying as themselves is plain dumb.

That’s not roleplaying at all….?

And I’ll go to sleep.

Good night everybody.

Since I’m suspicious that I know who this anon is, I want to issue a statement.

I will not talk in character to non-roleplayers. It makes me extremely uncomfortable and I find it weird.

Talking OOC to other muns is welcome and appreciated though.

Anons are mean to me and friends’ husbands are mean to me and boo.